Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our 6 1/2 year old daughter, Haley, loves to draw. Give her a blank piece of paper and some kind of writing/coloring instrument, and she is so happy! She drew this picture last Spring after we explained to her that her sister would not have blonde straight hair like she does. She has drawn many pictures since then, and the greatest thing for us is that she just naturally draws her new little sister into all the pictures, as if she were already here with us. Grace has no idea all the love that is waiting for her here! Haley can't wait to have a younger sister to balance the scales, Andrew is excited to have a new play-mate, and Joshua is very ready to be the Big Brother again (he loves to help out and entertain!).

Today I wandered the isles of Target looking at different things we'd need to take on our trip, but I am trying to hold off buying too much, because 2 months is such a long time yet!

We're preparing to have a BIG yard sale at the end of the month, hopefully to help pay for air fare, and certainly to get through some closets, toy chests, and bedroom corners, and make room in our home for another member!

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